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Crocodile Express was the first wildlife cruise operator on the river in 1979.Our Naturalist guides are real locals. they take a keen interest in the local environment and have been involved in many Wet Tropics projects over the years. Their passion for the flora and fauna of the river systems are reflected in their presentations on any cruise.
The Daintree is the habitat of an extensive array if wildlife, many of which are endemic to this eco system only. This is also the habitat of the estuarine or saltwater crocodile, other reptiles, rare birds, flying foxes and beautiful butterflies. Guides communicate with each other by radio to give you the best opportunity on sightings of wildlife along the river.

Crocodile Express is surrounded by lush hectares of the oldest living rainforest in the world, the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest. Owners Anya and Dean are committed to preserving this natural beauty for future generations to come. Between the two of them they own hundreds of acres of land that was once subject to logging to make way for cattle farms. Since taking over the land they have allowed it to grow back to its original splendor. They say their greatest wish is to pass on their respect and appreciation for the Daintree to everyone who visits.


Cruise Info

Crocodile Express is the only operator with two different departure points along a twelve kilometre stretch of the river. This gives visitors the best opportunities to see wildlife and the diversity of this amazing eco system. From rainforest to mangroves the scenery is spectacular. The Upper Daintree section from Daintree Village is especially popular for bird watching and departures from near the Daintree River Ferry crossing offers spectacular views of Thornton Peak, rainforest and mangroves.

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